Spa Packages


Spa Packages

The word is Stay-cation: That special time when you want to escape the chaos of the city, but only have an afternoon. Indulge with a spa package from Ettia and escape, even if it's just for an afternoon.


Ettia Favorite: Busy Person Package

Ettia Favorite: Busy Person Package

177.65 235.13

Busy Person Package $177.65 - Ettia Favorite (regularly priced at $235.13)

  • Jewel Scrub - 30 Minute

  • Massage Ettia Signature - 30 Minute

  • Facial Busy Bee - 30 Minute

This spa package is approximately 90 minutes.

If possible please do not shave at least 24 hours prior to getting a scrub.

To purchase as a spa Gift Certificate after you “Add to Cart” and click "View Cart" please fill out the “Order Note” with all information you want us to include on the gift certificate. Thank You

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